Frequently asked questions

What is the return and refund policy

You can return and receive a full refund during the entire subscription period if the account stop working before it's end date. We are confident that the account we provided has a high quality.

How can I contact customer service

Yes! To chat with a customer service representative:

  1. Click the "Let's Chat" button located at the buttom right corner of the page
  2. Type in your question
  3. A customer service reporsentative will chat with you shortly.

I don't have a credit/debit card. Is there other payment method accepted?

If you don't have a credit card, we suggest you to purchase a visa gift card with cash at a local supermarket. Also, we accept Venmo and Paypal. Please chat with our customer representative to get further instruction regarding other payment method.

Is the account legit

Hundreds of users using our service monthly. If you have question regarding our service, please chat with our customer representative. We are happy to create an account and send it to you before you pay! You can give our service a try by purchasing the 2 days plan.